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ANATEL - The National Telecommunications Agency of Brazil—is a regulatory body governing the Radio and Telecommunication product approval....【More >>】

At present, the wireline access testing & certification of communication terminals in countries all over the world has always been known for complex regulations and standards, low test pass rate and high difficulty in applying for certification. In view of this, our KMO laboratory is equipped with multiple sets of automated telecommunication terminal test systems in terms of hardware, which can simplify the complexity, greatly shorten the test cycle and reduce the test difficulty, and make the test results intuitive and easy to understand for customers to understand and analyze. In terms of software, KMO has a team of global telecommunications certification experts who have extensive experience in the entire certification field. KMO's team of telecommunications experts can help you determine which tests are required to ensure that your products comply with national telecommunications regulations. In addition, special tests can also be customized according to customer requirements.

Our KMO queue appointment time is only 3 days at the fastest, and our KMO provides instant online order value-added services. By bundling mobile terminals with other testing and certification requirements (telecom access, mobile access, radio frequency, electromagnetic compatibility, safety, environment, energy efficiency, performance, etc.), time and money can be saved. With KMO, you will eliminate the hassle of using multiple laboratories, logistics delays and transportation costs.

KMO is one of the few leading suppliers of global wireline terminal testing & certification. Our wired communication testing services include:

*Acoustic testing
*PSTN Terminal Access testing
*ISDN and Analog port testing
*xDSL Network access interoperability testing
*Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) testing
*International Telecommunication Union (ITU) ITU-T standard testing
*American National Standards Institute - ANSI standard testing
*Telecommunication Industry Association (TIA) TIA standard testing


Brazil's ANATEL (Brazilian National Telecommunications Agency) is the regulatory agency that manages the approval of Brazilian radio and telecommunications products. Telecommunications products and accessories require ANATEL certification and approval before they can be sold and used in Brazil. Testing is performed by an accredited laboratory in Brazil, and ANATEL certification requires a local representative.

Products are divided into 3 categories according to Anatel requirements. Each category has different requirements, which must be met to obtain certification.

Category I includes terminals intended for end users, such as:

Satellite phone
VOIP phone
Mobile phone battery
Mobile phones and other

Category II includes products that do not belong to Category I but still use the radio spectrum for signal transmission, such as:

TV and radio antennas, receivers and transmitters
Wi-Fi equipment
Radio Frequency Automation Equipment

Product is not a class I or class II classified as category III, for example:

Fiber optic cable
Cable connector
Mobile network signal transmitter

The ANATEL label must be affixed to the approved product.

Our KMO laboratory can provide customers with testing services as follows:

*NET 001/92 (Analog TE, Brazil, Dir.322);
*Resolution No.392,Feb. 17, 2005;
*Resolution No.473:2007;
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Regulatory Agency

National News Agency (ENACOM)

Rules and Regulations

*Most telecommunications line terminal equipment and radio frequency equipment require testing and approval.
*Approval can take two forms-Homologación (approved in accordance with the current standards in Argentina) or Codificación (accepted but there is no current standard approval).
*The testing of the equipment must be carried out by an accredited domestic testing laboratory. Although foreign test reports are not accepted, they may speed up the approval process.
*Approved telecommunications equipment has been registered with the Register of Telecommunications Activities and Materials (RAMATEL). After the approval process is completed, the information of the importer and its certified/encoded products will be automatically transferred to the RAMATEL registration center controlled by ENACOM.

Appropriate labels must be affixed to approved products.

Our KMO laboratory can provide customers with testing services as follows:

*CNC-St2-44.01 V02.1.1:2003;
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Ke Mei Ou Laboratory Co., Ltd. (KMO) is located in Shenzhen, China. KMO is an independent third-party testing Laboratory authorized by many international organizations. Since its establishment, KMO has focused on providing the most professional and efficient wireless & communication & voice product testing and certification services for international export enterprises. It is authorized by ILAC-MRA and ANAB, under the supervision and guidance of ANAB. KMO is a well-known ISO/IEC laboratory accreditation organization accredited laboratory in the United States. It is also authorized and recognized by national or regional agencies such as FCC of the United States, ISED of Canada, ACMA of Australia, Telepermit of New Zealand, OFCA of Hong Kong, IMDA of Singapore, etc.
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