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Other Regions

Most other areas accept CE/FCC reporting and GCF certification without local testing. GCF stands for the Global Certification Forum, which certifies mobile...【More >>】

In response to the evolving mobile Customer Equipment technology around the world, KMO Labs provides fast and cost-effective mobile network access certification. We are a leading supplier of mobile terminal network technology certification. Our facilities are fully certified and based on market priority for laboratory improvements to meet the changing needs of customers. For example: In response to customer testing requirements for millimeter wave mmWave products, KMO Labs has extended the upper limit of RF testing capabilities to an astonishing 325GHz.

KMO Mobile Terminal Laboratory is the first Australian mobile terminal product accreditation laboratory in China. The S042 test report issued by KMO has been recognized by Australian authorities, regulatory agencies and the government.

Our KMO is also an accredited testing laboratory for 5GNR, LTE, CDMA, UMTS (WCDMA) and GSM certification schemes, and can test all 5G, 4G, 3G and 2G wireless products, including smart phones, feature phones, modules, IoT (M2M) devices, Wireless routers, hotspots, tablets, laptops, infrastructure equipment, etc.

Our KMO queue appointment time is only 3 days at the fastest, and our KMO provides instant online order value-added services. By bundling mobile terminals with other testing and certification requirements (telecom access, mobile access, radio frequency, electromagnetic compatibility, safety, environment, energy efficiency, performance, etc.), time and money can be saved. With KMO, you will eliminate the hassle of using multiple laboratories, logistics delays and transportation costs.

Our KMO mobile terminal testing & certification services include:

5G: NR (New Radio)
GCF Global Certification Forum (GCF),
PTCRB (PCS Type Certification Review Board),
CTIA (the Cellular Telephone Industries Association) and CCF (CDMA Certification Forum)


GCF stands for the Global Certification Forum, which certifies mobile devices working on cellular networks. GCF is a partnership between mobile network operators, infrastructure providers, equipment suppliers and testing organizations that establishes a certification process to ensure that mobile devices comply with 3GPP standards, the group that defines the standards. GCF certification ensures that mobile devices will operate on different cellular networks that adopt the 3GPP standard.

GCF's motto is "Once tested, used anywhere", highlighting the widespread acceptance of GCF-approved equipment.

GCF certification is required for all kinds of devices running on cellular networks, including phones, laptops, and tablets. Smart phone, USB dongle, mobile hotspot device, M2M device, etc. GCF certification includes conformance, interoperability, and field testing.

Products launched in Europe, Asia and other parts of the world usually require GCF certification. In North America, PTCRB certification is required. The test cases for GCF and PTCRB certification are very similar in that they both test for compliance with the 3GPP standard.

Most other regions accept CE/FCC reports and GCF certification without local testing.

Our KMO laboratory can provide relevant access to the network and agent application services, specific needs please contact our KMO!

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Ke Mei Ou Laboratory Co., Ltd. (KMO) is located in Shenzhen, China. KMO is an independent third-party testing Laboratory authorized by many international organizations. Since its establishment, KMO has focused on providing the most professional and efficient wireless & communication & voice product testing and certification services for international export enterprises. It is authorized by ILAC-MRA and ANAB, under the supervision and guidance of ANAB. KMO is a well-known ISO/IEC laboratory accreditation organization accredited laboratory in the United States. It is also authorized and recognized by national or regional agencies such as FCC of the United States, ISED of Canada, ACMA of Australia, Telepermit of New Zealand, OFCA of Hong Kong, IMDA of Singapore, etc.
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