European Area

European Area

Starting in June 2016 in the European Union, the Radio Equipment Directive (RED) is Europe's new compliance requirement for wireless transmitters. RED ...【More >>】

KMO is a leading supplier of radio frequency network technology testing and certification. We KMO can provide customers with pre-certification testing to assist in product development. Our KMO facilities are fully certified, and the improvement of the laboratory is prioritized in accordance with the market to meet the changing needs of customers.

Without data transmission through radio waves, modern life is unimaginable. The radio frequency market is a thriving and dynamic industry. In our rapidly developing global communication network at KMO, high-speed digital transmission of data and voice via radio and satellite is becoming more and more important.

The radio communication system must comply with the technical standards of each country or community. KMO has the necessary expertise, accredited laboratories (ISO/IEC 17025) and the most advanced measuring equipment to support the development and conformance testing of electronic devices with integrated radio technology. Our KMO test range covers many traditional and new radio technologies, such as Bluetooth, satellite radio, LoRa, microwave radio relay, SRD, Wi-Fi, ZigBee, etc.

Our KMO queue appointment time is only 3 days at the fastest, and our KMO provides instant online order value-added services. By bundling mobile terminals with other testing and certification requirements (telecom access, mobile access, radio frequency, electromagnetic compatibility, safety, environment, energy efficiency, performance, etc.), time and money can be saved. With KMO, you will eliminate the hassle of using multiple laboratories, logistics delays and transportation costs.

Our KMO radio frequency testing & certification services include:

*Aeronautical Radio
*Automotive Radio vehicle radio frequency device
*DECT digital enhancement technology
*Microwave Radio
*PMR and relay radio
*RFID Radio Frequency Identification
*Satellite Radio satellite radio frequency device
*Short Range Devices
*UWB Testing
*WiFi wireless Internet access

European Union

Starting in June 2016, the Radio Equipment Directive (RED) is Europe’s new compliance requirement for wireless transmitters. RED replaces the previous R&TTE directive covering radio transceivers and telephone equipment; both directives can be applied until the end of the transition period (June 12, 2017). Starting from June 13, 2017, all products subject to the scope of RED must also meet RED requirements.

The general requirements for products within the scope of RED are defined as follows:

Protect the health and safety of humans and household pets and livestock (Article 3.1 [a])
Sufficient electromagnetic compatibility level (Article 3.1 [b])
Effective and efficient use of the radio spectrum (Article 3.2)
Additional general requirements for the categories of radio equipment still to be defined by the European Commission (Article 3.3)
RED applies to all radio equipment put on the market. According to RED regulations, "radio equipment" refers to electrical or electronic products that intentionally emit and/or receive radio waves for the purpose of radio communication and/or radio measurement, or electrical or electronic products that must be attached with accessories, such as antennas. Equipment in order to intentionally transmit/receive radio waves for the purpose of radio communication and/or radio determination.

Equipment not covered by this directive includes:

Radio equipment specifically used for activities related to public safety, national defense, national security or national economic well-being
Amateur radio equipment
Marine equipment
Airborne products, parts and equipment (according to Article 3 of Regulation EC 216/2008) Customized uation kits specifically for R&D activities

Our KMO laboratory has relatively complete radio frequency testing capabilities of the EU RED and EU accreditation, and can directly issue EU accredited DOC reports. KMO can provide customers with testing services as follows:

ETSI EN 300 220-1; ETSI EN 300 220-2; ETSI EN 300 220-3; ETSI EN 300 220-4; ETSI EN 300 328; ETSI EN 300 330 ; ETSI EN 300 330-1; ETSI EN 300 330-2; EN 302 208-1; EN 302 208-2; EN 302 208 ; EN 302 291-1; EN 302 291-2; ETSI EN 300 440 ; ETSI EN 301 357-1; ETSI EN 301 357-2; ETSI EN 301 357 ; ETSI EN 300 422-1; ETSI EN 300 422-2; ETSI EN 300 422-3; ETSI EN 300 422-4; ETSI EN 301 406 ; ETSI EN 301 893 ; ETSI EN 302 502 ; ETIS EN 301 511; ETSI EN 301 908-1; ETSI EN 301 908-2 ; ETSI EN 301 908-13 ; EN 300 086; EN 300 113;EN 300 390; EN 301 166; EN 302 065; EN 302 065-1; EN 302 065-2; EN 302 065-3; EN 302 065-4; EN 302 065-5; EN 300 296; EN 302 567; EN 302 686; EN 302 729; EN 303 413; EN 302 858; EN 303 360; EN 303 396; EN 303 883; EN 302 372;EN 302 288; EN 303 345;EN 302 571;EN 303 417 ; ETSI EN 301 489-1;ETSI EN 301 489-3; ETSI EN 301 489-5 ;ETSI EN 301 489-6; ETSI EN 301 489-7 ; ETSI EN 301 489-9 ; ETSI EN 301 489-17 ; EN 301 489-24 ; EN 301489-52; IEC/EN 62479; IEC/EN 62311; IEC/EN 62369-1; IEC/EN 60215; EN 50663; EN50665 ; EN 50385; EN 50364; EN 50383; EN 50400; EN 50401;
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