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Brazil Inmetro - Regarding safety approval, Inmetro (National Institute of Metrology Standardization and Industrial Quality) is the organization responsible ...【More >>】

With the changes in safety regulations and technological advancements in countries around the world, manufacturers and suppliers are facing challenges to ensure that their products or equipment comply with government, regulations and industry safety standards. To protect people or workplaces from potential risks associated with use. Product safety testing ensures that the products purchased by consumers are safe and meet applicable requirements. We at KMO provide you with the knowledge, experience and the world's most advanced testing facilities to provide you with the certifications you need to succeed in the global market. Products found to meet the requirements can become qualified products with appropriate product safety marks.

KMO provides comprehensive safety testing services in accordance with the safety regulations of countries around the world. The safety test report issued by KMO has been recognized by official agencies, regulatory agencies and governments around the world. Our KMO queue appointment time is only 3 days at the fastest, and our KMO provides efficient value-added services for instant online orders. By bundling safety and other testing and certification requirements (telecom access, mobile access, radio frequency, voice quality, safety, environment, energy efficiency, performance, etc.), time and money can be saved. With KMO, you will eliminate the hassle of using multiple laboratories, logistics delays and transportation costs.

Our KMO Safety compliance testing & certification services include:

*Electric strength
*Leakage current
*Protection against electric shock
*Prevent energy hazards
*Physical and structural requirements


Inmetro Brazil on safety approval, Inmetro (National Institute for Metrology Standardization and Industrial Quality) is the body responsible for managing the conformity assessment procedures in the Brazilian Conformity assessment system SBAC.

Inmetro lays down rules, specific regulations, and determines how and how to uate each product. The organization is also responsible for authorizing certification bodies and laboratories to perform tests and calibrations.

The following products require mandatory safety certification:

Consumer electronics

Active medical equipment

Plug in the socket

The circuit breaker

Ballast CFL

IT equipment

However, for some types of certification it is not mandatory to enter the market.

Product certification is performed by a third party (OCP).

The Inmetro label must be attached to approved products.


National Institute of Metrology, Standardization and Industrial Quality (INMETRO)

Our KMO laboratory can provide Brazil Inmetro prediction and agent application service, please contact our KMO for specific needs!

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The Resolution on Basic Safety Requirements for Low-Voltage Electrical Equipment entered into force in Argentina on 27 May 2018. This resolution ensures that electrical equipment within a certain voltage range provides a high level of protection for the health and safety of people, pets and property.

The resolution applies when the input or output voltage is:

50 and 1000 VAC

75 and 1500 VDC

The resolution also applies to power supplies, chargers and transformers operating with the above input and/or output voltages.

From January 1, 2020, safety certification will be conducted according to the applicable system №5 (qualified mark) or System №7 (batch certification). However, actuators may be permitted to use System №4 for product safety certification, as evidenced by the special characteristics of electrical equipment.

According to Article 1 of resolution 197/2004, System №4 (type certification), System №5 (qualified mark) and System №7 (batch certification) can be used until December 31, 2019.


Argentine Institute for Standardization and Certification (IRAM)

Our KMO laboratory can provide IRAM prediction and agent application service in Argentina, please contact our KMO for specific requirements!

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