European Area

European Area

EU ErP, if your product belongs to the field of energy-related products, it may be subject to the directive 2009/125/EC ("Eco-Design Directive") on the ...【More >>】

KMO has an energy efficiency laboratory and has extensive experience in meeting the requirements of global energy efficiency programs by manufacturers. As consumers and regulatory agencies around the world pay more and more attention to the energy efficiency of electronic devices, Manufacturers and suppliers continue to face new challenges and are under pressure to meet energy efficiency benchmarks and deliver sustainable products to the global market.

KMO can help manufacturers prove that their products comply with the latest energy efficiency requirements set by national and regional supervisory agencies. Once it is proved that the product meets the applicable requirements and achieves compliance, our KMO will provide an internationally recognized test report and provide you with the documents needed to enter the target market.

KMO provides comprehensive energy efficiency testing services according to the energy efficiency requirements of countries around the world. The energy efficiency test report issued by KMO has been recognized by official agencies, regulatory agencies and governments around the world. Our KMO queue appointment time is only 3 days at the fastest, and our KMO provides efficient value-added services for instant online orders. By bundling energy efficiency with other testing and certification requirements (telecom access, mobile access, radio frequency, voice quality, safety, environment, energy efficiency, performance, etc.), time and money can be saved. With KMO, you will eliminate the hassle of using multiple laboratories, logistics delays and transportation costs.

Our KMO environmental energy efficiency testing & certification services include:

*Energy Efficiency Testing North America: Energy Star?, Energy Guide Label, AHRI, CEC, Natural Resources Canada, LEED.
*Energy efficiency testing in the Asia-Pacific region: China Energy Label, Green Mark, Hong Kong EELS, Singapore Green Mark, etc.
*European energy efficiency testing: ErP directive, eco-labeling, TCO development, ENEC, etc.

Enopean Union

If your product is in the field of energy-related products, it may be subject to Directive 2009/125 / EC on the eco-design of energy-related products (the "Eco-Design Directive") :

Validation requirements

The Directive on the new method of CE marking has been designed by the European Union to cover all the requirements for products in each of these sectors in their field of application.

The Eco-Design Directive (2009/125 / EC) is a framework directive that sets eco-design requirements relating to the environmental parameters that manufacturers must meet in order for their products to bear the CE mark.

Directive 2009/125 / EC covers products that affect energy consumption during use, including products that use, generate, transfer or measure energy, as well as other energy-related products, such as Windows, insulation or certain energy-consuming products water, all of which can save significant amounts of energy during use.

The directive focuses on reducing the overall environmental impact of a product, including resource consumption and pollutant emissions, by focusing on the principle of sustainable development throughout its life cycle.

The additional scope of the directive is to ensure the free circulation of the product in question in the European internal market. The directive does not apply to the mode of transport of people or goods.

The methods and procedures for setting eco-design requirements are specified in the Directive (i.e., Annexes 1 and 2 for product specific design and construction requirements).

Our KMO lab can provide EU ErP forecasting and application services, please contact our KMO for specific requirements!

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